Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Update (Finally!!!)

So I've been somewhat lazy/busy since I last updated this thing. 

The last post I made was the army at Warmarch, so I think I might start with what happened there.  I won 2, lost 2, drew one game at the tournament.  The first game was against the ‘Nids of Joe Cowlishaw, (more on him later), including 2 Barbed Hierodules – that was a great game, which I was lucky to escape with a draw.  The second game was against a Space Marine/Imperial Guard army, I dominated the game, but I lost on First Blood (damned Trojan Towing Vehicle).  The third game was against an Eldar Corsair list with 4 Nightwings and a Phoenix Bomber.  I was somewhat nervous facing that sheer amount of flyers with one tiny Quad-Gun for protection, however, my fears were somewhat misplaced when I shot most of them out of the sky and wiped my opponent off the table.

The first game against the 'Nids, go Centuar, go!
Holding the line against the Marines
 Setup v. the Eldar Corsairs, Relic Mission, gunline much?
The next day I started against a Tallarn Armoured Company (with 2 Avenger fighters and a Thunderbolt), with Victory Points and lengthways along the table – that was going to be fun!  He promptly went 9-1 up, and I felt doomed, however my Hades Breaching Drill came up, and I proceeded to take tank after tank out, and I took all of the Flyers out as well (go you Quad-Gun), and I managed to win 12-9!

 Deployment v. the Armoured Company.
 My Opponents deployment
 with aerial reenforcents
 it's the Battle of France!
The final game was the complete opposite, I was against Eldar with a Titan with 2 Pulsars, the D-Weapons proceeded to wipe out all of my army, with the exception of my Colonel, who managed to hide, and then pass all of his saves.  It was little consolation to my opponent when I assured him that the Regimental Commissar-General would have shot him upon return to the camp.
the Commissar hiding (brave man!)
 one of Joe's games, the poor, brave, doomed Eldar

I had a great weekend, even that last game was enjoyable, and I walked away with the winning Pub Quiz team, and the Best Painted Award (I know, me, right?).  Joe won the “Knight of the inner circle” award (basically he got all 5 favourite game votes), and he suggested that the Campaign Weekend in November is worth a visit (the Sacking of Gaous Secundus), so I decided to look into visiting for that.
My Army in the cabinet for the Best Painted voting.
 Me winning the Best Painting Award!! (I still can't believe I won!)

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