Monday, 6 August 2012

Death Korps of Krieg

It's been a while since my last post.  That has been due to my travels around Europe and America, as well as my relocation to England.  All this can be seen at my travel blog here.

I decided to leave my Cadian, Vostroyan, and Tanith armies back in Oz due to baggage restrictions. (they're with family for when I move into my own house).  So I purchased a nice shiny new Death Korps of Krieg army, which I have spent the last few months painting while on my travels.

A trip to Warhammer World created the opportunity to get reinforcements, which has brought the army up to 4,400 points.  I am getting it painted, bit by bit, and I’m hoping to take it to the Imperial Armour Warmarch on the 18-19th August.

The army I have planned to take is as follows:
Company Command Squad:  105
Standard Bearer, Master of Ordnance.

Death Rider Command Squad: 145.
Commissar with Power Weapon.

2 Heavy Mortars: 100

2 Quad Launchers: 100

6 Grenadiers: 223
Heavy Flamer, Flamer, Meltagun, Demolition Charge, Centuar with Extra Armour and Dozer Blade.

Infantry Platoon:  405
Command Squad: 50
2 Grenade Launchers.

2 Infantry Squads: 130
2 Grenade Launchers.

2 Infantry Squads: 130
2 Flamers

Heavy Weapons Squad: 95
3 Lascannons

10 Engineers: 180
Demolition Charge, Hades Breaching Drill.

2 Cyclops Demolition Vehicles: 50

Medusa Heavy Artillery Piece: 148
Trojan Towing Vehicle, 7 Crew, Camo Netting.

Leman Russ Vanquisher: 190
Dozer Blade, Hull Lascannon, Co-Axial Heavy Stubber.

Aegis Defence Line: 100
Quad Gun.

Total: 1,746 points.

Here are some shots of the army.
A shot of the army at a 1,000 point tournament I played in.

my Hades Breaching Drill

an in-progress shot of the Macharius Vanquisher.

my Gorgon transport.

in-progress of one of my Infantry command squad.

my Vanquisher, it has more kill rings now.

the turret of the Vanquisher,