Friday, 26 August 2011

Here are some pics that I've already got of my army on my computer.
the First pic is obviously my Baneblade (#2 of 3), you'll notice how I have modelled the extra sponson upgrade, with a turret with a centreline Lascannon, with a heavy bolter either side of it.  I modelled it that way, originally because the heavy bolters on the sponsons that came with the tank broke, and I found that it was too frustrating to repair them, luckily for me GW had released the extra sponson kit and I picked it up, meaning that my Baneblade had sponsons again, I then decided that I wanted to use the original set of sponsons to create the extra set upgrade, but as I had already painted my tank by then (BTW- I never glue the sponsons on to my super-heavies, and I never glue the turrets on any of my tanks) and I didn't really want to hack the armour plates off, so I came up with this compromise, which - in my opinion - looks way better than sticking 2 sponsons on to a Baneblade

 This is My favourite model in my entire Guard Army (Even more than my Reaver Titan or my Praetorians) It just pips my Thunderbolt to the title, especially after I read "Double Eagle" (You'll notice that my 2 "main" Imperial Guard Armies and all my Space Marine Armies + my Empire Army are all based on fiction I've read in either a Codex or a Black Library Book), so all my flyers (including Valkyries/Vendettas) are painted like the Phantine XX are described in the book
 My Rough Riders are converted Cadian Shock Troops riding on Empire Pistolier Horses (the Pistoliers are now Outriders on Barded Steeds for their Trouble), with a lot of Green Stuff, and spare parts, the Sergeant is in fact the old Metal Cadian Officer torso and Right arm with Power Sword, with the head sawn off and repositioned.  I have 30 Cadian Rough Riders, this is my first Unit, the second are all Lancers, led by a converted Cadian Equivalent of Mogul Kamir (named, Captain Louis Nolan - the man of Light Brigade Fame), and a Unit of Hussars, which all have Power Swords, when those 2 Units are Painted, I'll post them along with my Tactica for my Rough Riders (Hint: Think Light Brigade)
 My Favourite Imperial Guard Artillery Piece (Not including the Death Korps of Krieg Artillery) the Griffon, I prefer it to the Basilisk for many reasons, the biggest one is the Accurate Fire special Rule (re-roll scatter Dice), and the fact a Squadron of 3 is cheaper than 2 Basilisks and they'll do as good a job as 2 Basilisks in Killing a Space Marine Tactical Squad (My second Tactica Blog after the Leman Russ Tactica is going to be on Artillery Tactica) + the model is so awesome
 Finally, my Basilisk.  I've got a big soft spot for Basilisks because the Basilisk model was the first model I bought for my Imperial Guard Army, and I love using the squadron of 3 I own in Apocalypse games, as not much can out range it.
Finally, the reason I've chosen this colour scheme for my tanks, and (when I can post pics) my Infantry, I've copied it from the army in the Battle Report in the old Codex: Cityfight, because I loved the look of the army in the battle report, and I loved the story in the back of the codex about the battle for Vogen, and one of my gaming dreams is to do a Vogen Campaign with my gaming group (once I've finished Uni though - unfortunately, Essays and Exams are the priority at the present) (and when I can get my gaming group to start playing 40k)


Hi, I'm Alistair, I live in South Australia, and I've been collecting Imperial Guard for quite a while now, and I've decided I want somewhere where I can put my trial Army Lists, Ideas for Tactics, and pictures of my army.  Somewhere that is not Facebook (not enough of my friends play Warhammer to appreciate my pics/posts) and somewhere where I know the people who are reading it aren't all internet trolls (fingers crossed here.  I suppose I'd have better luck with the water -> wine deal).
I have a few Guard Armies, my biggest would be my Cadian 122nd Army, which is about 22,000 points at last count, then a few smaller Armies.  There is my Gaunts Ghosts Army - based on Dan Abnett's books - about 5-6,000 points (Including 7 Leman Russ tanks of the Narmenian 1st from Necropolis), a 2,000 point Vostroyan Army, an unmechanised Steel Legion army of about 750 points and a very small Praetorian/Mordian Iron Guard Army (about 17 infantry).
I am a History Major at University, and I am a Big WWI/I Buff, and I've got a continueous project where I am converting warhammer 40k scale British and American Tanks from WWII with the aim of (Eventually) converting some Cadian Infantry to fight alongside it.  The Next Army I want to collect is a Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg Seige Regement army, however it is most probably not going to happen for a while.
I'll be hoping to do regular weekly blogs, once I get the hang of it, my first one will be my tactics for Leman Russ Battle Tanks, as I think I have (finally) gotten the hang of how to equip them for how you want to use them, but more on that later.