Sunday, 25 September 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Seige Regiment List

Hey all.
The tactica articles are taking longer to write than I thought, so I'm going to post the DKoK list I'm taking with me on my travels.
Here's the link to the list on Forgeworld:

HQ: 135 Company Command Squad: 75
Regemental Standard Bearer
Quartermaster and Retinue: 60

Elites: 300
Heavy Quad Launcher Battery: 150
3 "Thudd Guns" with 3 Crew each.
Heavy Mortar Battery: 150
3 Heavy Mortars with 3 Crew each

Troops: 1,045
1st Platoon: 570
Command Squad: 50
Junior Officer, 2 Flamers.
1st Infantry Squad: 100
Flamer, Commissar.
2nd Infantry Squad: 65
3rd Infantry Squad: 65
Grenade Launcher.
4th Infantry Squad: 65
Grenade Launcher.
1st Heavy Weapons Squad: 65
3 Mortars.
2nd Heavy Weapons Squad: 65
3 Mortars.
3rd Heavy Weapons Squad: 95
3 Lascannons.
2nd Platoon: 475
Command Squad: 60
Junior Officer, 2 Meltaguns.
1st Infantry Squad: 105
Meltagun, Commissar
2nd Infantry Squad: 70
1st Heavy Weapons Squad: 80
3 Twin-Linked Heavy Stubbers.
2nd Heavy Weapons Squad: 80
3 Heavy Bolters.
3rd Heavy Weapons Squad: 80
3 Autocannons.

Fast Attack: 131
6 Death Riders: 106
1 Cyclops Demolition Vehicle: 25

Heavy Support: 391
Leman Russ Vanquisher: 180
Co-Axial Heavy Stubber, Hull Lascannon.
1st Heavy Artillery Battery: 118
Medusa Siege Gun with 7 Crew and Trojan
2nd Heavy Artillery Battery: 93
Earthshaker Gun with 7 Crew and Trojan.

Total Points Cost: 2,002 points.

True to the Death Korps Siege Regiment doctrines, lots of big guns. My overall tactic with this list is to pick an objective in my deployment zone and sit all the Heavy Weapons squads on it.  This is where the Death Korps list comes into its own, the list has a tonne of changes on the Codex Guard list, one of them is the Combined Squad rule extends to the Heavy Weapon squads in the list.  I plan to combine the 2 Mortar Squads, and the Heavy Bolter/Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber units then I have the Autocannon and Lascannon squads to help support them.  Behind these I plan to have the Field Artillery (the Elites units) and behind that the Heavy Artillery (another bonus of this list is you can have an indirect firing Medusa (24”-240” range) with the 2 Trojan Towing Vehicles ready to hitch up the Heavy Artillery if needs be.  I also place my HQ Command Squad with these units so I can make full use of the “Fire on my Target” and “Bring it Down” orders.  The Rest of the army is to advance and capture/contest enough objectives to give me the winning advantage.  I plan to send the Cyclops “up the centre” hoping either (A) my opponent underestimates it to his peril or (B) fires his biggest anti-tank guns at it instead of the Vanquisher.  The Vanquisher will advance on the flank of my Infantry Squads and Quartermaster, I shall use it to help shield the Death Riders so I can get them close enough to the enemy to do some damage.  The first turn or two of the game I shall keep the Infantry back, and use the masses of Artillery to soften up the enemy and to give the Cyclops a couple of turns to get away from my infantry and (if playing ‘Nids or Orks) get among the vanguard of my opponents army.  The one unit I would really have liked to have in this list but points didn’t permit was a unit of 5 Grenadiers in a Centaur with 2 Flamers and a Heavy Flamer, just pipping a unit of Engineers with a Hades (those are the next things on my wish/shopping list)